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67 Books?

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I heard a sermon last week proposing that each of our lives were the 67th book of the Bible. These were the books that almost anyone would be willing to read whether they knew Christ or not. He went on to say that we have had to result to shiny marketing and clever slogans because our lives weren’t transforming or interesting enough to tell about Jesus o their own. No one was attracted simply to our lives. This was a sad statement, not just because of the words but the truth behind it. (I wish I could remember who said it but I heard a lot of sermons last week!)

Earlier today I was listening to a podcast by John Eldredge. I love that man because he speaks in movie metaphors, the language of my heart. He said something to the effect that we have reduced Christianity to tips and tidbits, do’s and don’ts. The heart is gone. The passion is dead. What happened to the people who would tear back roofs to be near Him and His power? He continued to say that John 10:10 doesn’t say that He came to give us more to do, but to give us an abundant life. We have stopped truly living, and what appeal is there in that for people who don’t know Jesus?  Where is the adventure and attraction of our Christian lives? I have to admit, sometimes I wonder how interesting it would look to me if I hadn’t grown up in it.

This has been a lot to chew on over the past couple of days. Honestly, it’s kinda been rolling around in my head. I have always used my life as a default witness technique. It was always safer and easier. But have I been wasting my time? Did I just prove my own point? Do I look any different than any other Average Joe walking down the street? If not, what is the first step to improvement? If so, how can I be sure?

I’m supposed to be made in God’s image. Therefore, my life should reflect His goodness, His grace, His love, His adventure. Ironic that we strive for comfort, and yet He is anything but comfortable. We yearn for adventure, but most of us are only okay with it when it’s portrayed on screen. What kind of message are we sending?

Guess I have some editing to do in my own life. I don’t like to read. I really have to force myself to do it. But maybe that’s exactly what I need to keep in mind. I need to attempt to be a book even I would read. Yikes.


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