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Say a Little Prayer for Me?

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Because we feel this trip is far bigger than us, we want it bathed in prayer and to include as many people as possible. We would appreciate your participation in that effort. We intend to have at least one person praying for us every working hour that we are gone. So will you commit to praying for the Emergence Journey team? If so, please send me your address/phone, date (Thursday, July 30 – Monday, August 3) and time (7 a.m. – 9 p.m.). Please choose a one hour time slot. This means that you may pray that entire hour, or at just some point during that hour. You are also welcome to choose more than one slot. We’ll take all your prayers we can get! Thanks!

Team members include: Wesley Ryan, Sean Smith, Patrick Gosnell and Kristi Porter

Some of the things you can pray for:

  • each team member by name
  • the team’s protection
  • the unity of the team and ability to work together
  • their ability to love others and want to serve them
  • their abilility to see/hear/feel the Spirit’s guidance
  • the willingness to obey the Spirit’s prompting
  • the wisdom to carry on the lessons they learn beyond the trip
  • that each would be stretched and changed before, during and after the trip

What is the Emergence Journey?

The Emergence Journey (formerly Chaos Mission Trip) is unconventional in that it starts with no destination or persons in mind; therefore no “preplanning” is necessary. All of the preparation comes in team-building and self-awareness exercises. This trip evolves during the journey rather than starting at the destination. The opportunities and relationships that are often overlooked or passed up when schedules are set and destinations are planned are fully experienced here, allowing you to free your mind to the possibilities at hand. A random act of kindness and open heart are the only requirements. We allow the Holy Spirit to fill in the details. Additionally, we operate from loose guidelines to allow the trip to shift as needed. For instance, we travel back roads rather than interstates when possible and avoid eating at chain restaurants, making it easier to meet local people. We also build a Safety Net of Prayer, a list of people who are praying for us every hour that we are on the road. And finally, we avoid turning on the radio and using our cell phones if possible, utilizing time rather than killing it.

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