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…to me. Wednesday the 13th, I celebrated nine years of living in Georgia. It was a cold, winter’s night in 2001 that Heather and I pulled into her parent’s driveway. I was really excited, and a little scared. It was a new life and I felt out of my element as their subdivision sometimes felt larger than my college.

But I’ve adjusted and adapted, and now feel very at home here. I cannot begin to count the numerous blessings that God has given me me since living here. I am more thankful for this experience than any words could ever express, and I love to use words.

I do think it would be good, however, to note a few of the significant blessings – a highlights reel, if you will – of my time here. Now, I know this list could go on for days but I’m just going to throw a few out here.

1. The Bundys: Bill and Deedee gave me a home and family here in Atlanta. Since I met them 1996, they have welcomed me as one of their own. They even gave me a sister and best friend in Heather…and lots of extended family. I still miss Thanksgiving with them every year.

2. North Atlanta Church of Christ: a place of spiritual development and a safe place to grow. I can’t imagine how different I might be if I hadn’t spent years with these people. They will always have a significant place in my heart. I have so many friends for life from here.

3. The Reynolds Group: really learned to love food in a whole, new way here. I grew significantly as a professional here, too, and began my desire to pursue writing, a true passion. And am thankful to say that I still have great relationships with friends here, even though I have moved on.

4. Trifecta+1: Daron, Mark and I are the Trifecta and Margaret is our plus one. These three have helped me in more ways than they will ever realize. They are continually a source of encouragement, creativity, accountability and love. Through them, God has shown me the direction for my life. I feel a little undeserving of them at times, so I’m thankful they accept me. These people are my heart living outside my chest.

5. The People: Yes, this may sound a like a cheap plug to include “the little people,” but I truly do mean it. I think I could live in any big city and find contentment. And while I adore the art/music/theater/restaurant/entertainment venues, it’s the people here who capture my attention. When I say, “I love Atlanta” (which I’ve said often, by the way), I always mean the people. There are a ton of people I have yet to talk specifically about who are very dear to me. I hope you know who you are because I hope that I tell you enough. If not, I’m sorry and I’ll try and do better. You make this city special to me.

While other ranking honorable mentions may include diabetic sweet tea, my favorite restaurants and four seasons, I think the above will suffice for now. I don’t know if I’ll “settle” down here in Atlanta (or anywhere for that matter), but I’m willing to go wherever God calls me. Just know a part of me will always remain in Hotlanta!


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I’m a creator, leader, writer, Christian, filmie, foodie, abolitionist, environmentalist, daydreamer, traveler and entrepreneur, to name a few. Chief Do-Gooder at www.Signify.Solutions


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