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As many “others” prepared for the Season 6 premier of LOST on Tuesday night, I’ve been steadily watching recaps (thank you, iTunes) of the previous seasons. So much has happened to my castaway friends that as I prepared to watch Season 5 on Netflix, I felt I first needed a refresher course. And while it’s hard not staying in synch with those watching the in-season episodes each week, I’m excited that I still have quite a bit of time left with my island friends.

The last two recap episodes were very different in that co-creater, Damon Lindeloff, and one of the producers interjected comments between scenes, set up background info and provided insight into the minds of the characters. They really began delving into the psyche of our heroes and villains (also watching last season of Heroes, FYI) and I began to identify with some of them. Here are a few I thought I’d share…

JACK: I also feel the need to step up and lead to fill voids. I probably also struggle, though not near as much as I used to or as much as Jack does, with the “savior” complex and the need to help fix people. I, too, feel a great deal of loyalty and protection for those I love. I have had to return to places of great pain. We differ in that I am not a big fan of blood or needles.

KATE: Like Kate, I can feel conflicted in my decisions or deeply torn between two choices. You may have noticed that I also have freckles. And I also like to feel involved and not left behind. I want to be part of the action. We have both had crushes on the Jacks AND the Sawyers of the world. We differ in that I’ve never blown up my mother’s boyfriend.

SAWYER: I make literary references. James has actually read the books and I’ve mostly seen the movies, but nonetheless, I get the references! I also have things in my past I’m not proud of. Stubborn and resourceful are two qualities we share. We differ in that I’ve never conned any woman out of thousands of dollars.

LOCKE: John and I have a strong sense of faith, destiny and purpose. We are both willing to look a little foolish for the things we believe in. And we each have a great sense of adventure and curiosity. We differ in that my father has never stolen a kidney from me.

SAYID: I think we are both driven people. We have absolutely been searched at the airport more than once. We have different kinds of wounds, but woulds still. Underneath it all, we want to be kind and compassionate. We differ in that I was never a member of the Republican Guard, or any guard.

HUGO: We have both worked in the restaurant industry. I have also felt crazy from time to time. I have a strong moral streak. Like Hugo, I also want to see people get along and make others laugh. We differ in that I have never won the lottery.

JIN: We both like Korean food. I have also been in places where I don’t speak the language, literally and metaphorically, and have felt out of place. I also want to be useful. We differ in that I have never worked in a hotel.

SUN: I have also helped teach someone English. We both have a great desire to do the right thing. I struggle with tradition and my own independence. We differ in that I have never been married to a Korean man.

CLAIRE: We both really love peanut butter. I have also been to the doctor a lot recently. I have blue eyes. Claire and I hate feeling helpless. We differ in that I have never given birth in the jungle.

BEN: We both have a thing for the Wizard of Oz. We each have the power to manipulate (having is different from using). I also long for a more perfect world. We differ in that I have never caused a genocide.

CHARLIE: We have both let our vices control our actions from time to time. Our heart often dictates our head. We would sacrifice most anything for our friends. We differ in that I have never had a rock album. (You all, everybody!)

MICHAEL: We both lived in New York. We have each had our hearts broken. I, too, get irritated easily. We were both annoyed by Anna Lucia. We differ in that I would not name my child Walt, as much as I love Disney.

DESMOND: We are both crappy sailors. We both “pushed buttons” for too long. I have also been separated from friends and family for periods of time. We differ in that I don’t like calling people, “brother”.

JULIET: We have taken one assignment and ended up in another. I’ve felt like an Outsider among the Insiders. I am pretty confident as well. We differ in that I probably wouldn’t be a part of a book club.

Well, that was fun. Enough about me. Which character(s) do you identify with and why?

PS – Thank you JJ Abrams, for yet again bringing something of quality to television.


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