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My Favorite Atlanta Restaurants

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Because I used to work in restaurant public relations, and still keep up with the restaurant scene in Atlanta somewhat, I get asked a lot what restaurants I recommend or are my favs. So, I’m compiling a list here, in no particular order. I know I’m probably leaving one or more off that I would like on here since I’m just going off the top of my head, but there are so many to choose from. I did try to provide a wide variety.

We have tons of great restaurants in Atlanta, so get out and explore! I don’t even visit my favorites very often; sometimes it may be a couple years between visits. With numerous restaurants opening every year, there are always options at hand that I must try before returning to a place that I’ve been to before.

So, here’s my initial list.

  1. di Paolo – For years, I’ve said this was my favorite restaurant in Atlanta. I think that still holds true. Incredible food. Gracious service. Quaint atmosphere. Great prices. It turned me on to northern Italian cuisine, and now I barely eat southern Italian. Best cheesecake ever.
  2. Figo – You can’t be the prices and fresh food here. Delicious Italian. Gluten-free options. Friendly service and atmosphere. Doing good in the city. I’m obsessed with the arugula salad.
  3. Doc Chey’s – This restaurant would be the Asian equivalent of Figo in all categories mentioned above. Cheap and fresh. I crave the coconut soup and the tofu lettuce wraps. They do a lot to support their neighborhood and the city at large.
  4. ONE. midtown kitchen – The best steak frites in the city, though they offer a lot of fabulous options. One of my favorite atmospheres in the city.
  5. Cabernet Steakhouse – It’s been quite a while since I’ve been, but in my opinion, these are the best steaks in the city. Cabernet was my first job after moving to Atlanta, and it taught me to be a steak snob. It was a very delicious lesson.
  6. Ted’s Montana Grill – Get the New Mexico. Add horseradish sauce to anything you order. It’s a sin to order anything but the bison. Simply the best burger in town.
  7. Urban Pl8 – Oh, my. Been here three times and it was a complete joy every round. Love the gluten-free options, but everything I’ve tried here was a home run. Peanut Butter French Toast? Pesto Chicken Omlette? C’mon!
  8. Alon’s – I probably visit this place more than any other. You can buy just about anything. Everything I’ve ever bought has been wonderful. All made from scratch in house. De-lish!
  9. Pura Vida – There’s a reason Chef Hector was on Iron Chef. He’s amazing. I’ve been introduced to numerous, different ingredients here with pleasing results. Try the baby goat.
  10. Pure Taqueria – I love this laid-back atmosphere and great Mexican food. My favorite, though? The hamburger. You may think it’s weird, but I guarantee you won’t question it again if you try it.
  11. Sushi Nami – I’ve only been here once, but it was stellar. Absolutely incredible. Well worth the drive.
  12. Rosebud – Southern goodness. It’s haute and home-cooked. Lovely atmosphere and good service. It’s hard to decide what to order!
  13. Serpas – New American with Creole influences. It’s a new spin on a lot of your favorites. Scott has been one of my favorite chefs through several restaurants now. Follow him. You’ll be glad you did.
  14. Season’s 52 – A healthy version of eating at a nice restaurant. Good portions, good calorie count. BUT…it’s also yummy. It’s a great night out.
  15. 4th & Swift – Inventive and rewarding. My friend took me for my birthday a while back, and it was a happy birthday indeed. Jay Swift is an Atlanta favorite. Eat here and you’ll see why.
  16. Village Tavern – If your in the suburbs up north, this place is one of the best to visit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten here and it’s always been wonderful. Consistency should be rewarded.
  17. Top Flr – Love the atmosphere here, and the food is just as captivating.
  18. Murphy’s – There is a reason this place has been around for about 30 years. Voted best brunch many times, but also a great lunch and dinner. Super yummy desserts.
  19. TWO Urban Licks – A sister of ONE. midtown kitchen. This restaurant is worth going home smelling like meat. Really fun atmosphere and fantastic food.
  20. Takorea – I’ve only been here once and am headed back tomorrow. Korean and Mexican blend. I can’t even begin to describe the delight in this joint, both in the atmosphere and food. Sesame Fries, Tempura Sweet Potatoes, Brisket Enchiladas, Tacos, etc…on and on…
  21. (one to grow on) Feast – I know there are a hundred fantastic places in Decatur, but I just don’t get there often. I took a friend here for her birthday a few months back, and it was all-around wonderful. Adorable decor, great service, fantastic food. Yeah, gotta get back to Decatur.

For pizza:

  1. Fritti
  2. Antico Pizza
  3. Z Pizza
  4. Blue Moon Pizza
  5. Mellow Mushroom

For dishes:

  1. J. Christopher’s  – Blueberry Crunch Cakes
  2. Jim ‘N’ Nick’s – Brisket and Cheddar Biscuits with Honey Butter
  3. The Flying Biscuit – Creamy Dreamy Grits or Heavenly Potatoes (great brunch overall)
  4. F.A.B. – Try the Creamy French Onion Soup and you’ll dream about it for years. I do.
  5. Cinco – best Chicken Tortilla Soup I’ve ever had.

For desserts:

  1. Piece of Cake
  2. Cami Cakes
  3. Henri’s
  4. Cacao
  5. Parish

And let’s not forget our friends the food trucks!

Let me know which of your favorites I missed, and why! And if you’re ever looking for suggestions, just let me know.


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