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Lobby Day

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Not For Sale Georgia Core Team Members and Friends

Not For Sale Georgia Core Team Members and Friends

Thursday was Lobby Day. It was an opportunity for local organizations to stand together in protest against CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation of children). Sadly, Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking, particularly in children. But, we are also blessed to have a large number of organizations working here that fight human trafficking and slavery. Though many of our organizations have different focuses and missions, events like Lobby Day give us the chance to stand together in one place at one time and declare our opposition for the horrors that are happening to children in our area.

There were several hundred of us there, maybe up to 500+, which was cool to see. But I think the most exciting part was to see all the support from Georgia’s elected officials, faith leaders and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, including Susan Coppedge, Rabbi Rachel Bregman, Buzz Brockway, Edward Lindsey, Renee Untermann, Vernon Keenan, Sam Olens, and Casey Cagle, among others. Each gave a few remarks to declare their position and role in this fight, and shared their vision for a future without this atrocity. We were also told about current proposed legislation that directly addressed this issue. After the “pep rally” we headed to the Capital and surrounding buildings to pass out forms to our specific representatives and senators declaring our stance on the issue and calling for their support in our own districts.

I’ve never been much for politics, but this was pretty fun. A little chaotic and hectic since it was raining and there were several other groups there for multiple issues, but still fun. I wanted to run home and watch West Wing. 😉

Besides being there with a team of people who genuinely care about this issue and are doing their part to fight it, I think one of the coolest parts was the up close notion of how my opinion matters. My voice can be heard. My vote counts.

What about you? What issue do you want to be heard on? What will you do about it?




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