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I’d Never Pay That Much for ________

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I feel like I’m reminded of this lesson every week. It may sound more like:

I’d never buy _______.

I don’t know why he/she would pay that much for _______.

She/He’s crazy for paying good money for ________.


But I think on a weekly basis, I hear it said in some form or fashion. People scoff at the money others spend on things that are important to them. I know I’ve made the comments a hundred times or more. I can’t imagine spending a lot of money on things like: pets, designer clothes, cars, outdoor equipment, a house, etc. However, there are a lot of things I love or deem important that I would spend a lot of money on such as: food/restaurants, coffee, movies, travel, gadgets, books, etc. It just depends on our own tastes and priorities, or maybe even experiences. We all have our own “things” and perhaps we should be more respectful of others. Or maybe at least aware.

It sort of reminds of when I’m flying and thumbing through the Sky Mall catalog. I find it utterly fascinating. Some of the items in there are so oddball, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to purchase them. (Giant, inflatable airplane pillow anyone?) But then I remind myself that they’re in there because someone else may. They may not be my choices, but they could be someone else’s—and that’s ok. We are each entitled to our own thoughts, opinions, choices and even “things”.

So next time you make a statement like, “I’d never spend money on _____,” just remember to each his own. Don’t judge someone else for what they spend their money on. We all make good, bad and sometimes just silly purchases.

I’m writing this out mostly because it’s still a good reminder for myself. As I grow in my love for activism and causes, I know I tend to judge others more harshly for things I don’t think are important. But I was once the other person, too. In fact, I’m still that other person a lot. And I still spend a lot of money on food/restaurants, coffee, movies, travel, gadgets, books and a whole lot more. But I’m trying to put more money into the things that I feel are worthy of it. I’m still going to make a lot of silly or bad choices, but I’m aware—and I’m making progress. And I know sometimes those “things” are just part of life.

I just hope to never let my “things” be the boss of me. Though, sometimes that latte comes close. 😉


Author: kristiporter

I’m a creator, leader, writer, Christian, filmie, foodie, abolitionist, environmentalist, daydreamer, traveler and entrepreneur, to name a few. Chief Do-Gooder at www.Signify.Solutions


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