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Fun Facts: Tidbits You May Not Know About Me

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ThinkstockPhotos-172588224So, if you’ve just started reading this blog recently, you may not know much about me. But I’d like to rectify that now. Here are a few things that might interest you . . .

  1. Language I most want to learn: Spanish. I’ve forgotten most of what I know, but honestly, I’d love to be multilingual in just about anything.
  2. Show I most enjoy binge-watching: Alias
  3. Place I’d most like to travel: Spain
  4. Food I crave most: Appetizers. I love making meals out of an assortment of appetizers.
  5. Pinterest board I use the most: Hair, BY FAR. I’ll never get around to making all those recipes.
  6. Favorite ice cream: Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean OR Bruster’s Key Lime Pie
  7. Biggest fear: Failure
  8. Thing I’m most thankful for: Salvation, followed by grace
  9. Strength I love the most: Faith (second would be independence)
  10. Place I’d most like to live: Probably California, but I’d also love to live somewhere in Europe for at least a year.
  11. Favorite Atlanta eateries: Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, di Paolo, Figo, Alon’s, ONE. midtown kitchen, and sooooo many others
  12. Favorite piece of furniture: I have a loveseat made from two movie theater seats. I used to frequent this theater in college so it’s tied to good memories—plus, it has cup holders!
  13. An ability I’m proud of: I’m really good at picking the kind of friends everyone should want and have.
  14. Something I’m not good at and don’t like: Cooking. Despite my best efforts, I’ve yet to rectify this.
  15. A goal I had for this year: Donate hair—just did it!
  16. Biggest pet peeves: Unaware people with strollers and also listening to people eat
  17. A piece of advice I’d give to anyone: You aren’t in control.
  18. A few of my favorite books: Bible, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Experiencing God, Visioneering, Harry Potter series, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, and TONS more!
  19. Something I love right now: doTerra essential oils
  20. Most interesting previous job: I reviewed restaurants for a short time in a local, Atlanta publication. The publication is no longer in business, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t my fault.

And here are a few other things I posted previously. Now you know a bit more about me. Tell me something about you!


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I’m a creator, leader, writer, Christian, filmie, foodie, abolitionist, environmentalist, daydreamer, traveler and entrepreneur, to name a few. Chief Do-Gooder at www.Signify.Solutions


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