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King David was Bipolar

180471960Anyone else ever have that thought?

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed as depressed/borderline bipolar about 10 years ago that the thought occurred to me. Shortly after, I was reading a Psalm and it struck me. Black and white, literally. This guy’s emotions are all over the place. Verse to verse—it changes constantly, many times within the same Psalm.

I’m not trying to be silly or anything. I actually took, and still take, great comfort in that idea. I’ve heard so many sermons in my life about David’s sins, and how God still considered him a man after His own heart, but I’ve never heard one about David’s mental stability. I rather like my perspective. It makes the Bible even more relateable to me. We just don’t hear enough about mental issues in the church. It’s a shame. A lot of us deal with those issues. And frankly, a lot more need to. Three cheers for counseling, and sometimes medication. 😉

King David was bipolar.

And he was still a great king, and

…a man after God’s own heart

…a giant slayer

…a warrior

…a son

…a father

…a husband

…a brother

…a poet

…a friend

…and so much more.

He’s one of my heroes.

He’s messed up, just like me. He needed God, just like me. He’s loved by God, just like me.

By the way, if Psalms were meant to be sung, has anyone ever considered how horrible they would sound? Many of them are so harsh it would be just scary to hear them set to a melody. Kinda like a slasher film set to an opera.

Just one girl’s opinion.


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