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Biofeedback: Better Than Medicine

This post was updated on September 14, 2013. For the updated post, please click here.


I wanted to let you all in on a secret that should be shared with the world: biofeedback. I went to have this done for the second time in my life this past Friday. The first time I did it was about a year and a half ago to fix my gluten sensitivity (it worked, by the way). This time I went because of all my health issues the past few months. (Five+ months of mono, kidney infection and gallbladder removal. It’s been a rough six months.)

Anyway, I would love for those of you who have any kind of health issues (or simply are interested) to consider going. I plan to start going every year like a physical. After reading, you’ll probably think it sounds like magic, or too good to be true, but of course, I’ve seen it work on myself–twice. Here’s the link to the page of the place I go: with their contact info.

(If you don’t live here, you can find biofeedback all over the country but they may each work a little differently.)

Here are some of the things I’ve already asked about with a few of you guys in mind:

  • Gallstones
  • Kidney stones
  • Eczema
  • Food allergies
  • Indoor/outdoor allergies
  • Stroke
  • Autism
  • Depression and mood disorders
The process:
Sit in a recliner for two hours and then get a foot bath. While sitting in the recliner, she puts sensors on your wrists, forehead and ankles. These measure the electrical flow of energy in your body and look for problems. While monitoring on a computer screen, she looks for both emotional and physical issues. This part is about an hour. The second hour she uses the biofeedback to help correct the energy blockages in your body. You can barely feel it. Then, the last part is the ionic foot bath which pulls toxins out of your body through your feet. The water turns different colors depending on what its pulling out. It’s crazy. (I even saw parasites in my water this time–yuck!)She always sees more than I ever tell her. She can see what emotions your struggling with as well as foods, environmental stressors and physical issues. I had told her about the mono, kidney infection and gallbladder. She also asked if I’d been having lower back pain and sleeping issues–both true. She could see how shot my immune system was, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and major lack of energy. And unlike my regular doc, she could explain why I had headaches when the weather changed for the past year or so. (Turns out it was when my gallbladder had become swollen and sensitive to humidity, and that was the result. Since I’ve had the surgery, I haven’t had the weather headaches!)

The cost:
The long process I’ve done twice (outlined above) is $250. If you have to do follow-up sessions they are usually the one-hour sessions at $100, I believe. And then, depending on what she finds, you’ll have nutritional supplements as well. I took home six things supplements last time and it cost around $120, I think. I’ll have to do some follow-ups to get my immune system back online since it was completely shot, and there will be more supplements to complement the biofeedback each time. Usually the rounds of supplements are about 30-60 days, from my experience.

The day before I saw her, one of her clients had been working with Blue Cross Blue Shield for over a year trying to get it covered by insurance. It finally happened! She said if your primary doc would write the prescription, you could get it covered by your insurance provider–terrific news! I’m going to contact my doc soon.
I know it sounds expensive, and maybe time consuming, and it is, for those of us without a lot of extra funds or who can’t get insurance to cover it. However, I would’ve rather done this six months ago than having mono for so long and my gallbladder removed. Several hundred could’ve saved several thousand. Now, unfortunately, I’m doing both. And also I’d rather be on supplements for a while then all kinds of Rx meds, short or long-term. She told me she could’ve fixed my gallbladder issues and I wouldn’t have had to have it removed. I could kick myself because I truly believe her.I really do think this would benefit so many people. I can’t understand why more people don’t know about it! She had an answer for everything I threw at her. I know the process sounds a little crazy, though. I’d be skeptical if it hadn’t worked for me twice. I just saw her on Friday and have already had noticeable improvement in energy and sleeping. For those of you who are not into the homeopathic thing, I’d encourage you give this a try if what you are doing now isn’t working or is only managing your issue and not curing.

The lady who does my biofeedback here locally has some really remarkable/amazing/unbelievable stories of how biofeedback can help others, both personally and first-hand as well as stories she’s heard. I named all kinds of afflictions and she had a biofeedback answer or story for them all.Quick story:
She did biofeedback on her brother, even though he was resistant. His heart area showed a lot of issues during her session, and she told him he need to go to a specialist right away. He told her he was feeling fine and put it off. She bugged him and he finally went to his general doc, who said he was fine. She kept telling him to see a specialist. So, he finally did, and was admitted to the hospital right away with a 95% heart blockage! He was a heart attack waiting to happen! She has all kinds of cool stories like that.

And it is safe for children for those of you who wondered. She is currently doing biofeedback on her two month old grandson because he gets frequent earaches.
ALSO, if you live here and would like to go in the next couple weeks, I got an email I can forward you for 20% off during October. It doesn’t say new customers can’t use it.
Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll answer anything I can, but I am a huge believer as you can tell.By the way, they also have a really good vanilla-flavored pea protein shake mix (that’s gluten free) if you like to make protein shakes. It definitely dilutes the taste of the supplements! 😉

Stay healthy!