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Be Passionate

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I think a lot people are bored with their lives. I think there are a lot of people not living a good story. I think a lot of people just coast through life, trying to make it from one goal to the next. They may not even understand why they are always looking to the next “thing” but trying to get there because society, or their friends, or their family, or some external source tells them it’s what they need to do. Maybe it’s a promotion. Maybe it’s a significant other. Maybe it’s a child. Maybe it’s a new career. Maybe it’s just one day of peace. Sadly, I think this describes an overwhelming number of people. Sometimes, I think it even describes me.

And it’s not terrible to have those days, except when you have them. But if you have them a majority of time, do something about it. Become passionate.

I just finished watching the movie, “Trade” on human trafficking. I’m kinda circling more of those movies right now because I just finished the book, Not for Sale. My stomach was in knots the whole time, and it wasn’t because of the plot turns or the characters, it was because of the issue. I wanted to jump through the screen and do something about it. A few years ago, when I was first introduced to the concept of human trafficking, and the fact that slavery still exists, I was left speechless and hurting. It gripped my heart like almost nothing else, and has not let go.

If you read this blog or talk to me, you know I have a real passion for the issue. I’m always trying to learn more. I support organizations that fight the issue. I give money. I share my knowledge with others. I want to do more. I need to do more. I’m compelled to do more. And now that I know about the issue, I must. I can’t turn away from it. My heart and my God won’t let me.

But this isn’t a post about human trafficking. It’s a post about passion. My point is that the days I invest time in this issue, I’m not coasting. I have purpose, and a fiery passion. I swear my red hair even gets redder! I want this trafficking to be a non-issue, and I’m doing my part to make that happen, in my lifetime or in the future. The point is that I’m involved.

What are you passionate about? What are you actively doing about it? What breaks your heart? What makes you happy? What cause can you give yourself to in order to live a better story?

There are lots of great ones out there. I know people who have a passion for clean water…adoption law…mentoring…literacy…fatherlessness….homelessness…autism…poverty…foster care…human rights…the elderly…hunger…or even just the betterment of one individual person at a time.

There is no shortage of problems, just of people willing to help. One reason I absolutely love the Millineal generation is because they are doers. They want to be in the thick of things solving problems. I find that not naive, but admirable. We could all learn from that.

I am a Christian first and foremost. And Jesus gave us the example of helping others. I want to be like Jesus. He doesn’t call us to an easy life filled with safety, security and comfort. He calls us to a radical life. Safety, security and comfort are not the reward. They were never promised to us as believers. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a promotion, or a spouse, or a nice home, or any of that stuff we’re supposed to want as part of the American dream. But if that’s my focus, I’m missing the mark. I may have a excitement over some of those things, maybe even passion. But they are still all external. They are not in themselves going to cause me to live a better story. I want to do radical things. I want a radical life.

We all crave to be a part of something bigger. God is written on our hearts, and that means that craving is part of us. But what will we decide to do with it? I imagine some people just bury it, stuff it down. Or dull it with some sort of substance. And then, unfortunately, too many people go looking in the wrong places to satisfy the craving, whether it be something more (or less) taboo like sex or drugs…or even as simple as affirmation from people we admire. We want to belong. There’s nothing wrong with that. But we are all given gifts to use for something. What are you using your gifts for? It’s a great feeling to use your gifts for something great and meaningful. It’s a tragedy to waste them.

What do your days look like? Are they filled with excitement and adventure? A lot of us really desire that. Or are you just passing your days, getting from one to the next, hoping the next will be better. Looking forward to the weekends, or the game on TV, or going to the bar with friends.

I have a theory. Well, I have a lot of theories, but just one for today.

I think the people who pay for sex (the “John’s”), whether legally or illegally, are bored with their life. I think they do what they do to feel excitement or even to dull a pain that’s inside them. I think if they had a real passion, and would give themselves to a cause greater than themselves, they’d do things differently. Believe me, I know it’s not that cut and dry on either side, but I think it’s a start. I think if they actually started living with a passion, instead of trying to manufacture a false sense of it, it would change the way they live and think.

I have some friends, Rocio and Jose, who are half Puerto Rican. I used to laugh at them both all the time because Rocio would say how passionate Perto Ricans are, and let me tell you, the two of them are walking references. I can’t imagine what they’d be like if they were full Puerto Ricans! They are bundles of endless energy who throw themselves into whatever they are doing and supporting. Luckily, they have really great mission fiends to channel that energy. But it was just fun to watch them. Those are the people you are drawn to. Those are the people living life.

Passionate is compelling. Passion is overwhelming. Passion gets things done. Passion is worth living each and every day for.

So, I ask you, why would you want to live a life of anything else? It just seems so meaningless. Keep your Mercedes. Keep your stock options. Keep your two-story home. I want passion. And you can’t buy that. But you know what, you can access it. It’s within you. God has placed it within all of us. Give it a try. (And let me know how it goes.)

Find out what you love. Find out what you hate. Tap into it.

Be passionate.

Edmund Burke once said, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


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