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I’m not what you’d call crafty. I mean arts and crafts, ribbon drawer, scrapbooking, just-whipped-it-up-with-a-button-gluestick-and-tulle kind of crafty. If you’re talking mischief, scheming, shenanigans, or pulling capers kind of crafty, I’ve got it all day long. But recently I got a little inspired after creating a banner of sorts for a friend’s wedding shower (big congrats, Jess!). So, while I was perusing Pinterest the other night, and that’s all I do usually is peruse, I came across a blog with all kinds of DIY beauty treatments. I sorely wish I could get a facial/mani/pedi on a regular basis, but it’s just not in the budget, so I decided to give this chick’s suggestions a whirl. Mostly, because I already had a lot of the stuff at home, which is one of the perks of DIY beauty treatments, cleaners, etc.

The site is Petit Elefant and it’s got all kinds of info on beauty and many other subjects. It would take months to try everything out! Well, first of all, I just wanted to try the “How To Pore Strips” because I had a couple of breakouts I was very unhappy with, and the process sounded really intriguing. I would say overall it was successful. It was also successful at ripping off the top layer of my skin, though. Here are a few tricks from me to you on this one. First of all, spot treat. Don’t get out of control and put it everywhere on your face unless you are really careful to avoid your eyebrows and hairline. (Yep, I did that all wrong and have thinner eyebrows and a receding hairline to prove it.) Second, do this right before you shower and instead of peeling it off as she suggests, wipe it off in the shower as the warm water will help dissolve it. Otherwise, I’ve never had my legs waxed, but that’s what I imagine it to feel like. I would definitely try again though, now that I’m wiser.

It was an interesting experiment, and I was on a roll (of one, but it felt good) so I kept going. Next I tried the “How to Make Lip Scrub at Home” and “A Little Suga for the Tootsies.” The lip scrub was delicious! I realize that’s not the point, but it’s a bonus. The foot scrub also made my hands and elbows feel nice, so also good there. I felt like I stepped out of the shower a new person!

I realize I’ve only tried each of these once, but I would do them all again to get better results. But I do feel like all of them were successful, at least a little. And I felt better about the way my skin looked after, which is half the battle of beauty anyway.

So give it a try or one of the others, and let me know what works for you. Or send me your own beauty tips. I’m up for new ideas! I gotta ride this crafty wave as long as I can – which will probably be just a few more days, so hurry!


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