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My sincere apologies for being away most of the last two months. It’s been busy, and all of the sudden, one or two weeks turned into June and July.


To catch you up:

My company’s conference was held April 30-May 2, 2014. Over 6,000 family ministry teams gathered here in Atlanta to hear how to “Say YES to the Next Generation.”

OC14 highlights








I went to Clarkesville, TN, to visit some of my very best friends for Memorial Weekend. One of my favorite places to hit is their farmers market.

Dickens family








My father passed away in June. It was a very hard loss for my family, but we know he is in heaven and are grateful he is no longer in any pain.

Dad Photo Highlights








I attended my company’s first summer of High School Camp. A couple thousand students and leaders descended on Panama City Beach and Wilderness at the Smokies to learn how to listen to the positive and wise “Voices” around them.









I bought a Prius! It’s been mine for a week now, and I’m having a lot more fun driving than usual. (More details coming soon on this process!)

Prius 2011







And then I had several friends drop in and out of town over the last few weeks from Tennessee, Texas and Arkansas. They kept me pretty busy, and laughing!


So, that’s been my summer so far. How’s yours going?

Hard to believe it’s almost over, but looking forward to the fun things I have on my calendar for the fall!



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