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My sincere apologies for being away most of the last two months. It’s been busy, and all of the sudden, one or two weeks turned into June and July.


To catch you up:

My company’s conference was held April 30-May 2, 2014. Over 6,000 family ministry teams gathered here in Atlanta to hear how to “Say YES to the Next Generation.”

OC14 highlights








I went to Clarkesville, TN, to visit some of my very best friends for Memorial Weekend. One of my favorite places to hit is their farmers market.

Dickens family








My father passed away in June. It was a very hard loss for my family, but we know he is in heaven and are grateful he is no longer in any pain.

Dad Photo Highlights








I attended my company’s first summer of High School Camp. A couple thousand students and leaders descended on Panama City Beach and Wilderness at the Smokies to learn how to listen to the positive and wise “Voices” around them.









I bought a Prius! It’s been mine for a week now, and I’m having a lot more fun driving than usual. (More details coming soon on this process!)

Prius 2011







And then I had several friends drop in and out of town over the last few weeks from Tennessee, Texas and Arkansas. They kept me pretty busy, and laughing!


So, that’s been my summer so far. How’s yours going?

Hard to believe it’s almost over, but looking forward to the fun things I have on my calendar for the fall!



Why Life Should Be More Like the Olympics

MedalsI LOVE the Olympics. Follow me on Twitter during those two weeks every two years, and you’ll easily see that. I have my own commentary going the entire time. (Not sure why NBC hasn’t noticed me yet.) I’ve always loved them. Summer. Winter. It doesn’t matter what’s on, I’ll watch it. In fact, I’ll wear myself out watching it, and love every minute of it. Attending one of each is even on my bucket list.

Those statements above may not seem all that interesting and unique. You probably know someone else like me. What is funny, though, is that those are the only sports I ever watch. And I mean ever. Being from Texas originally, and from the South almost my whole life, I’m strange in my circles that I don’t like football, and frankly, I don’t even know the rules.

But the Olympics—well, they are a whole other thing entirely. I really wish life were more like the Olympics. And here are just a few reasons why:

Togetherness. For those two weeks every two years, we are #TeamUSA. Our political party, race, religion, circumstances, class, etc., don’t matter. We are all one under the red, white and blue flag. We raise our voices and cheer in unison. We celebrate together. We mourn our losses together. We’re the United States, and I’m never more proud of us.

Sportsman-like conduct. Sure, you see some ego from time-to-time. But overall, these athletes see each other year-round and have friends from other countries. So you see them not only congratulating those on their own team, but the winners from other teams. And let’s face it, no matter where you finish, if you’re good enough to be at the Olympics, you deserve a pat on the back.

United Nations. The world stops to watch the Olympics. Leaders are on their best behavior, and good will is in abundance. I even love watching the Parade of Nations in the Opening Ceremony. It’s so awesome to see athletes marching with the pride of their home country, waving to those in the stands and those back home. I think it’s the best showing of the United Nations we’ll ever see. We are one world, but we too often forget it.

Competition. I’m not one of those “everyone wins” type people. We learn when we win, and we learn more when we lose. Competition is good for us. We push ourselves harder when someone is racing us. We only know what a winner looks like when there’s something else to compare it to. Competition keeps things moving forward.

The best. The Olympic athletes are the best at what they do. And more than anything else, what they do is inspire me. I was telling a friend the other day that watching the Olympics reminds me of watching Cirque du Soliel—it’s amazing to see what the human body can do. They are incredible. I’m delighted to celebrate them.

Stories. I love the athlete profiles, learning about them, their homes, their families and friends. It doesn’t matter if they’re American or from somewhere else. Everyone has an interesting story—you, me and everyone you see on the street or on TV. It’s such a small window that we get to see into their lives, but it feels like such a privilege to witness. And…it really helps me choose who to root for. 😉

That’s why I love the Olympics, and think every day should have a touch more of that spirit. What about you?