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My Journey Toward Justice Education

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I do not think it is by accident that as I prepare to head to The Justice Conference tomorrow, my friend Latasha posted my guest blog on Be The Bridge. This will be my third year to attend this event, and each year has helped me grow tremendously as a justice-seeker. You’ll read more about year two in my guest post.

I can’t wait to see what this year holds! And if you’re attending too, be sure to say hi!


Growing up, I had some friends that looked like me, and some that didn’t. I honestly don’t remember giving it much thought. But looking back, I admit that I grew up in a mostly white bubble. I don’t believe that was due to any sort of intentional bias by my parents or myself; I think it was just the natural result of being drawn to people like me. I mean, don’t we all go around feeling like oddballs enough? From choosing friends to hiring employees, I think we all have that inclination. Similar is familiar. Familiar is comfortable. Comfortable is good.

Read the rest of the blog here…


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