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The Justice Conference 2016: Notes and Quotes

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Justice Conf 2016 BadgeMark Charles

  • You can’t discover lands that are already inhabited. We tend to dehumanize those who were already here.
  • The Declaration of Independence calls Native Americans savages. The Constitution also degrades women, natives and blacks. It assumes the majority has the right to say who is human.
  • What does justice look like when everything you have is stolen and your system is corrupt?
  • Check out the book, Prophetic Lament.

Mark Reddy

  • “If you have a conversation about justice, you must be prepared to be uncomfortable.”

Jim Wallis

  • You don’t change things with laws and policies.  You must change the narrative.
  • When you benefit from oppression, you are responsible for changing it.

Leroy Barber

  • Starting Hope Mob to support African American biz owners. Not a charity, an investment.
  • 7% of nonprofits are led by people of color
  • 52% of nonprofits work in areas of people of color
  • 3% of funds go to areas  of color

Nicole Baker-Fulgham

  • 6% of Beverly Hills kids are in poverty, 82% of Compton kids are in poverty, and they’re only 20 minutes apart

Harvey Carey

  • Amos 5:21 (Amos means “burden”)
  • What happens when what bothers you doesn’t bother anyone else?
  • Low income areas always have a beauty supply, liquor store, fast food and a church.
  • Quite over-analyzing and just do something.
  • God honors one’s acceptance of their burdens.
  • Justice is not a project. It is the heart of God for equity.
  • “God has put some super in my natural.”

Andy Crouch

  • The Creation Story is a story of ordering and abundance.
  • Authority + Vulnerability = Flourishing
  • The destruction of evil happens when image bearers show mercy, compassion and justice to the disenfranchised.

Marshall Hatch

  • The goodness of God is in the margins, and that’s where change will come from.
  • The reality of history is that it is never over.
  • God sides with the poor; He doesn’t stand on the sidelines. He enters the world from the margins.

Lynne Hybels

  • Love, honor and respect those who are different from you.

Jenny Yang

  • There are 60 million displaced people, refugees.
  • The refugee crisis is about the one who is seeking refuge in another country.
  • The US paid attention because it now affects us. Fear has driven our response.
  • Compassion doesn’t have to come at the expense of security.
  • The Middle East church is carrying the brunt of the refugee crisis.
  • 67% of US churches haven’t discussed refugees.
  • We are followers of a Middle Eastern refugee. If Jesus was born today, would we let Him in our borders?
  • The largest social network is the Church.
  • There’s a difference in caring about something, and caring about someone.
  • Fear will cripple us from completing the mission of God.
  • Comfort and security have become our idols.

Russell Moore

  • Story of the Rich Young Ruler (Luke 16)
    • Lazarus would’ve been invisible to this guy.
    • Who is invisible in your life?
  • Our political beliefs should not come before our Christian beliefs. Jesus was unashamed in His words.
  • We can not be people who are concerned about justice if we are embarrassed about the doctrine of Hell.
  • We must be concerned not only about the oppressed, but about the Oppressor.
  • Are we a people of justice, or just a people who protect our platforms?
  • Are we a people of justice or justification? We must carry the full weight of the Gospel, not just the parts our political party allows.

Michael Flegar and Charlie Date

  • We can end violence, that’s not the issue, but we don’t have the will. – MF
  • There is too much silence in the Church. – MF
  • The reason we don’t talk about community violence is because it’s a black/brown issue. New Hope church changed that. People need to see themselves in every life, though.
  • The Church becomes irrelevant when it doesn’t act as the conscience of the neighborhood.
  • The guilt factor makes us silent, when it should move us to do more.
  • We can’t just tell people to do better, we must give them alternatives.
  • We can’t talk to kids in churches about God-given dreams and visions, and not dismantle the systems that help kids from achieving them.
  • Make us restless until we find out rest with You. – CD

Lisa Sharon Harper

  • Genesis 1
  • The first book of the Bible was written by a group of priests  coming out of exile.
  • We are created in the image of God so we can become a marker of Him wherever we go.
    • Like Caesar was on coins
    • Subversive statement to make when the early rules were supposed to be appointed by God.
  • “Dominion” is more akin to “steward.” And we are to serve and protect whatever we are stewards of.
  • The derivation of “perfection” is actually the breathe between things. It is the connector, and it is “very good.”
  • Genesis 14 is the first mention of both “king” and “war.”
  • Think of each person as an image-bearer of God in order not to oppress them.

Tony Compolo

  • “It is the best of times. It is the worst of times.”
  • We hear so much bad news, but the Good News always reigns.
  • The Church is doing great things all over the world.
  • Free trade should be replaced with fair trade.
  • Do you love Jesus? Take Him seriously.
  • “In the poor and the oppressed is the essence of Jesus.” – St. Francis of Assisi
  • You must do whatever you can on both a micro and macro level.
  • There is a big difference between being a disciple and a believer.

Rev. Tracy Blackmon

  • Joshua 6:22-23
    • A holy obligation to take someone with you when you get free.
    • Did the sisters get left out? No, Rahab made sure they were included.
  • It’s easy to silence those with the least power.
  • The Boko Haram story – It’s been two years and only 50 girls have been located out of the 200.
  • Whenever the marginalized are not met with the grace of God, the covenant is broken.
  • We must see ourselves in not only the eyes of the Conquerer, but the casualties.
  • We’ve been arrogant at denying others that are different a seat at God’s table.
  • We must not separate our freedom from those who are bound.


Refugee Crisis Graphic


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