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Justice Conference 2016: Pre-conference Notes

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Justice Conference 2016 Pre-Conference BadgeI was able to attend The Justice Conference for the third year in a row a few weeks ago. Had a great time with my friend, Amy, and learned a lot. Here are my notes from the Pre-Conference Trafficking Track, presented by The Salvation Army.

Session One: State of the Issue

  • Presenters: Mark Kadel of World Relief, Jason Pope of The Salvation Army, Amy Hewat of World Relief and Dr. Boaz Johnson of North Park University

Session Two: Addressing the Demand Panel Discussion

  • Presenters: Mark Kadel of World Relief, Rev. Dr. Marian Hatcher, the Ambassador-At-Large for the UN, Clay Olsen of Fight the New Drug, Caleb Probst of the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation and Danielle Strickland of The Salvation Army
  • Science cateches up to a truth. There was a 40-year-old debate about cigarettes before they got labeled.
  • We must educate the brain, the heart and then the world.
  • CAASE empowers young men through an educational curriculum. Fight the New Drug primarily does school presentations.
  • We are fueling in all kinds of ways.
  • The majority of young men purchase sex for the first time between 19-23, usually due to peer pressure.
  • Porn should be not only addressed from a legislative effort, but from a groundswell. It will create a Prohibition Effect.
  • Men often purchase sex because they want to do the violent acts they see on porn to someone not their partner.
  • “Conversation is the correct parental setting on your computer and devices.: – Caleb

Session Three: Ending Modern Day Slavery: Prevention, Advocacy and Legislation at the Intersection of Trafficking and Global Health

  • Presenters: Porter DeLaney of Kyle House Group and Jenny Dyer of Hope Through Healing Hands
  • Over 220 million people want access to contraceptives, but don’t have access.
  • Women over 20 are more likely to survive child birth.
  • Infant mortality goes up when women spread out their children’s births.
  • Women who have less children are moe likely to work again and be involved in the community.
  • End Modern Day Slavery Initiative Act – $35 million requested
  • Less than 1% of the US budget goes to foreign aide (closer to .25%) for maternal and child health.
  • Check out Pillars of Hope campaign by attorney generals

Session Four: The Salvation Army’s Best Practices for Anti-Human Trafficking

  • Presenters: Pilar Dunning, Frank Massolini, Priscilla Santos and Danielle Strickland, all of The Salvation Army
  • Be aware of the supply chain of the goods you buy. There are opportunities to prevent trafficking and slavery with every purchase.
  • Check out Salvation Army STOP IT and PROMISE programs.
  • Find out what you bring to the space of your community.
  • Jesus gave disempowered people power. It’s also a good lesson in working with survivors.
  • Who would you and I be without the big and small celebrations in our lives? This is what many trafficking survivors live without. One stated that having a birthday party was her favorite thing.
  • Learn. Prepare. Act.
  • Do what you do well, but ask for help when you need it.
  • Sometimes when immigrants are undocumented people get rescued and put into programs, they actually make less and are still unhappy.
  • The Church needs to think creatively and solve problems, not wait for the government.
    • Beauty for Ashes raises money for survivors to get their education while waiting for their work papers. (Point Loma Nazarene)
  • Create contribution areas for survivors to feel like they get to participate.
  • Get plenty of training for your staff/vols. (online, in person, etc.)
  • Should we be using the term “rescue.” Many survivors come out more than once, and in the end, decide for themselves. They don’t see you as a rescuer.
  • “Destroying” the works of th Enemy…” when said by Jesus means “loosening.” It’s a process.
  • Be extravagant with your love and privilege.
  • United Way has a trafficking program.
  • Check out the Nordic Model documentary: Red Light, Green Light
    • “To change a nation’s mind, you have to imagine a better world.” – creator of Nordic Model. Also said you must really understand oppression.
  • Unity will be the key in addressing this issue.

Resources to check out, or re-check out:

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