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Amazon Prime Day is Coming!


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.13.47 PMIt’s almost Prime Day! Cue the trumpets!

Well, technically, it’s a day and a half. You can get some fantastic deals starting on Tuesday, July 16th at 12:00 p.m. PDT/3:00 p.m. EST, and running through July 17th. 

So, if you’re looking for Christmas in July—this is it!


If you’re just wading into the Prime waters, here are some fantastic deals to get you started NOW. That’s right, they’re already available!


But, if you’re already fluent in Prime, here are some of my favorite past purchases to be on the lookout for this week:

  • Where Am I Giving? By Kelsey Timmerman – I am a huge fan of his previous two books, and super excited about this new one. I’ve already pre-ordered!
  • Two immunity supplements that have really been helping me this summer are Viracid and Source Naturals Wellness Formula.
  • After YEARS of thinking about doing this, I finally bought my own modem so I don’t have to rent monthly from Comcast ($11/mo!). I got this one, and it was easy to set up. Check with your cable provider for their recommendations, but this tip could save you big long-term!
  • I’m currently obsessed with these CLIF Bars.
  • Someone you know expecting a baby? I highly recommend this book! I buy it for all my friends, and it was written by one of my friend’s wives. It’s a widely popular book, and everyone I know who reads it becomes a fan.
  • Ear buds that do good? Yes, please. I love mine!
  • I kept breaking my nails trying to open the clasps on my necklaces, so I got these magnetic clasps, and put them on all my necklaces. They’re awesome!
  • I asked for this fitness tracker for Christmas, and think it’s pretty awesome.
  • Envirosax – I’ve been recommending these to people for years! I always have two or three in my purse for everyday purchases, and I always make sure to travel with them as well. They fold up so small, but are huge when opened. And I use the pouch they arrived in for cords and things when I travel.
  • I use my smoothie maker a heck of a lot!
  • I’ve been using Roku for about a decade. I love, love, love this thing! It’s how I watch Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix. And how I stream Pandora every day while working from home. They have lots of different models depending on your needs, but it’s an awesome device.
  • I’ve been diving back in to my Justice Bible lately. The book intros, commentaries, and notes all revolved around justice, which makes my heart happy.
  • I’ve promoted this collapsable kettle multiple times because it’s the coolest. It’s small and portable. I have very limited counter space in my apartment, so it’s great for daily use for me. But I also take it on my quarterly retreats for easy access to hot tea and coffee. I see it’s currently unavailable, but hopefully not for long! It’s awesome!


Will your clocks to be set for Prime Day? If so, what’s on your Wish List?



5 Things I Love (Right Now)

mayur-gala-487There are a few things lately that have become regular facets in my life. And I think they’re pretty awesome, so I wanted to share them with you. Maybe they’ll improve your day as well!

  1. This small, portable kettle – I’ve been obsessed with this thing lately. I don’t make coffee regularly or tea regularly, so I don’t have a full-sized system or kettle. And I’m single, so I have to also take that into consideration because I wanted something that would make small quantities. Finally, I live in an apartment, so I don’t have a lot of counter space. This thing checked all the boxes!
  2. TravelPirates – I can’t resist a good travel deal. And this is my newest newsletter. It has some crazy, awesome deals. If you aren’t really into travel hacking with credit cards or scouring the internet for the deals, this is a great option.
  3. Perrier with Grapefruit – Ever since I returned from Barcelona, I can’t get enough sparkling water. I also love this because it’s curbing my soda craving. And having it delivered by Amazon is a great way to get larger quantities for a lower price without having to carry them through the grocery store. And I dig these smaller cans.
  4. Evernote – I initially purchased this for my trip to India, when I knew Wifi would be spotty and I’d still need to have easy access to lists and trip info. And, of course, I knew I could find plenty of other uses for it as well. Well, I certainly have! Since I started my business last summer, I use it most every day. I keep my To Do list there, notes, lists, client work and all kinds of things in it. It’s a great productivity and organization tool!
  5. Canned pumpkin – I’ve been fond of ordering from Amazon for many years, but its really only the past year that I’ve started ordering more groceries. And at the end of last year, I read Jenna Wolfe’s Thinner in 30, which talked about adding fiber to your morning protein shake to make the full feeling last longer. Pumpkin was one of the ways she suggested, which I thought was really smart. Of course, it’s mostly a seasonal item in grocery stores, and like the Perrier, it can get heavy and bulky fast. So, it’s another great item to have delivered in bulk to your home.

What’s on your love list as of late?


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