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I Survived Orange Conference 2013

I made it! It was a loooooong week, and a tiring one, but I made it through Orange Conference 2013. Unfortunately, I was so busy I didn’t get any pictures to show you, but we’ll be posting some soon on the Orange Leaders Facebook page.

I get a little busy with the details and things that I think should be fixed next year, and sometimes forget to look at it through the eyes of attendees, but I’ve heard from several people already that it was their favorite one so far. And that’s always good to hear. My favorite part of OC is usually seeing my friends that volunteer and attend, but there were a lot of really cool moments. King of Pops also made it pretty special. 😉

We had some amazing speakers like Bob Goff, Andy Stanley, Kara Powell, Sherry Surratt, Sue Miller, Perry Noble, Terry Scalzitti, Adam Duckworth, Jeff Shinabarger, Brian White, Carey Nieuwhof and the other terrific people on our staff, but we also had a lot of super cool people that were there attending. You wouldn’t know their names, and probably never will, but they make the experience just as good.

Our largest group was from NORWAY—52 people! Crazy. The second largest was from Brazil, with 50 people. It was a little insane that international groups were the biggest.

Reggie’s main talk revolved around his new book, Losing Your Marbles, in which he uses the illustration of marbles to represent weeks in the life of a child. The point is to keep the number of marbles in mind so you can make each week count, whether you are a ministry leader or a parent. It was very moving to a lot of people, and there were marbles everywhere!

Honestly, I’m looking forward to going back and listening to as many sessions as I can. I miss so much on-site, so it’ll be good to go back and really focus on the content. We are truly blessed to have incredible speakers and thought leaders at our event, and I’m sure their messages will be pretty timeless.

Now, back to my weekend off and relaxing. Got some re-watching of 24 to do, and much sleep to catch up on. Then Monday, I’m head-long into Orange Tour 2013 and Orange Conference 2014. The cycle continues.


Still curious about OC13? Read some of the comments on Twitter and Facebook.



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Sign Up to Watch the OC13 Live Stream

Copyright 2013, The reThink Group

Copyright 2013, The reThink Group

I wish you could all be with me this next week at The Orange Conference! But, if you can’t be with me, do the next best thing: watch the Live Stream.

Mark your calendar for April 24-26! We’ll be streaming content from OC13 throughout the entire conference—from main sessions to live interviews with your favorite authors and speakers to antics, mayhem and hi-jinx to yes, lots and lots of giveaways. You’ll get to see the best of our annual family ministry event right from the comfort of your desk chair (or recliner or bean bag chair…whatever your prefer). Who knows, you may even win a ticket to OC14! Be sure to invite your friends to watch with you—we’re going to have a lot of fun!

Conference speakers include: Reggie Joiner, Andy Stanley, Charles Jenkins, Perry Noble, Bob Goff, Sue Miller, Kara Powell, Doug Fields, Jon Acuff, Amy Fenton Lee…and many, many more.

Sign up here:
Check out the schedule here: