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My 2013-2014 Conference Schedule

162056140I love conferences. I mean it. I LOVE conferences. I must, right? I work on one year-round.

I would never have the patience or determination to go back to school like many of my friends have done, but to me, conferences are like little crash courses without the tuition. And there are no electives or basic courses to waste your time on. Just focused attention to whatever I’m most interested in. Best of all, optional homework.

I can also attended conferences on a variety of topics. I mean, who just has one interest? There are many subjects I want to know more about, and luckily, there’s a conference for every one of them. And I should know—I’ve attended quite a few!

My upcoming conference schedule is mostly centered around 1) my day job in PR/marketing for Orange, 2) personal growth, and 3) my passion for the abolitionist movement and volunteer work with Not For Sale Georgia and Solomon House/Out of Darkness.

Locked in:

Fingers crossed:

Based on my company’s marketing budget, ONE of these may happen.

That’s a lot of learnin’—I’m excited! It’s going to be a fun and educational few months.

What about you? What’s on your schedule? And please let me know if there’s something I should put on my schedule.


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I Survived Orange Conference 2013

I made it! It was a loooooong week, and a tiring one, but I made it through Orange Conference 2013. Unfortunately, I was so busy I didn’t get any pictures to show you, but we’ll be posting some soon on the Orange Leaders Facebook page.

I get a little busy with the details and things that I think should be fixed next year, and sometimes forget to look at it through the eyes of attendees, but I’ve heard from several people already that it was their favorite one so far. And that’s always good to hear. My favorite part of OC is usually seeing my friends that volunteer and attend, but there were a lot of really cool moments. King of Pops also made it pretty special. 😉

We had some amazing speakers like Bob Goff, Andy Stanley, Kara Powell, Sherry Surratt, Sue Miller, Perry Noble, Terry Scalzitti, Adam Duckworth, Jeff Shinabarger, Brian White, Carey Nieuwhof and the other terrific people on our staff, but we also had a lot of super cool people that were there attending. You wouldn’t know their names, and probably never will, but they make the experience just as good.

Our largest group was from NORWAY—52 people! Crazy. The second largest was from Brazil, with 50 people. It was a little insane that international groups were the biggest.

Reggie’s main talk revolved around his new book, Losing Your Marbles, in which he uses the illustration of marbles to represent weeks in the life of a child. The point is to keep the number of marbles in mind so you can make each week count, whether you are a ministry leader or a parent. It was very moving to a lot of people, and there were marbles everywhere!

Honestly, I’m looking forward to going back and listening to as many sessions as I can. I miss so much on-site, so it’ll be good to go back and really focus on the content. We are truly blessed to have incredible speakers and thought leaders at our event, and I’m sure their messages will be pretty timeless.

Now, back to my weekend off and relaxing. Got some re-watching of 24 to do, and much sleep to catch up on. Then Monday, I’m head-long into Orange Tour 2013 and Orange Conference 2014. The cycle continues.


Still curious about OC13? Read some of the comments on Twitter and Facebook.


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Sign Up to Watch the OC13 Live Stream

Copyright 2013, The reThink Group

Copyright 2013, The reThink Group

I wish you could all be with me this next week at The Orange Conference! But, if you can’t be with me, do the next best thing: watch the Live Stream.

Mark your calendar for April 24-26! We’ll be streaming content from OC13 throughout the entire conference—from main sessions to live interviews with your favorite authors and speakers to antics, mayhem and hi-jinx to yes, lots and lots of giveaways. You’ll get to see the best of our annual family ministry event right from the comfort of your desk chair (or recliner or bean bag chair…whatever your prefer). Who knows, you may even win a ticket to OC14! Be sure to invite your friends to watch with you—we’re going to have a lot of fun!

Conference speakers include: Reggie Joiner, Andy Stanley, Charles Jenkins, Perry Noble, Bob Goff, Sue Miller, Kara Powell, Doug Fields, Jon Acuff, Amy Fenton Lee…and many, many more.

Sign up here:
Check out the schedule here:

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Volunteer for The Orange Conference

Copyright The reThink Group, Inc. 2013

Copyright The reThink Group, Inc. 2013

All you need to know is that this will be the most fun you’ve ever had over three days. Now go sign up!
Okay, so maybe you need a little more convincing…and begging.
I would LOVE to see you at The Orange Conference this year as a volunteer, April 24-26. It’s my company’s conference for church leaders and ministry teams. We have a whole lot o’ fun and maybe you’ll just learn something in the process. And BONUS—you get a free t-shirt and we feed you during your shift.
We expect to sell out this year, for the first time ever, which means we’ll have 5,600 church leaders packed into the Gwinnett Center in Duluth. It’s a long three days, but everyone is super nice and happy to be there. I’d like to count you among the group. Our volunteers are amazing! We always hear how helpful and nice our volunteers are. We could not host this conference without our volunteers, and many return year after year because they have a great time.
If you’re interested, go here to learn more or sign up. You can list the types of areas you’d like to be in if you have a certain skill or passion. I believe we require at least a half a day commitment.
I’d love to see you there!
PS—As the conference marketing director, I would not mind you paying to attend either. 😉

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After Orange Conference

It’s been a looooooooonnnnnng week since we just wrapped OC12. I’m pretty pooped, so it’s been nice to be on the couch all day.

In case you missed my constant posting on Twitter and Facebook about it, our staffed gathered with over 5,000 church and ministry leaders to rethink the way the traditional church approaches family ministry. We aim to better partner the church with the home to influence the faith of the next generation. For info, check out our website. We’re even offering free curriculum trials through June.

I am a little anxious to see the surveys, but we’ve already received a lot of great feedback via emails and social media from attendees who said they had a great time and feel better equipped to go back to their church and community in order to make a difference. It’s always encouraging, despite the exhaustion, and this year was particularly great because several of my friends pitched in to volunteer. So it was nice to see the familiar and encouraging faces–kept me going when I started slowing down.

We’ll have a lot more pics in the upcoming weeks on the Orange Leaders Facebook page from the professional photographers, but here are just a few I took with my phone.

Ok, time to get a little sleep and then begin working on OC13!