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The Orange Conference Live Stream—It’s FREE!

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Over 6,000 of you will be joining us in Atlanta next week! And while we’d love for everyone reading this to be here in person, we realize that’s not always possible. So, we’d like to offer you the next best thing: tune in online! FOR FREE! You’ll be able to see on- and off-stage action, including session streaming, speaker interviews, mayhem and hi-jinx, resource updates and giveaways—and maybe even win a ticket to OC15!

Be sure to RSVP for the Live Stream to receive additional information and special offers. We will not spam you, or sell your info. That’s just rude.

And don’t forget to invite your friends to watch with you!

A full Live Stream schedule will be posted just prior to the conference on this blog.

And if you’re super excited about the Live Stream, but tend to get a little distracted, text “LIVE” to 404-445-2198. We’ll send you text updates about what’s happening, reminders and important info. But we promise not to message you like a sixth grade girl at a One Direction concert.

The Orange Conference, a conference for entire family ministry teams, will be held April 30–May 2, 2014, in Atlanta. Over 5,000 key influencers—senior, next gen, student, children’s and preschool leaders—will gather to experience the power of “Yes,” and learn new insights into influencing the faith and character of the next generation. For more information, please visit




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After Orange Conference

It’s been a looooooooonnnnnng week since we just wrapped OC12. I’m pretty pooped, so it’s been nice to be on the couch all day.

In case you missed my constant posting on Twitter and Facebook about it, our staffed gathered with over 5,000 church and ministry leaders to rethink the way the traditional church approaches family ministry. We aim to better partner the church with the home to influence the faith of the next generation. For info, check out our website. We’re even offering free curriculum trials through June.

I am a little anxious to see the surveys, but we’ve already received a lot of great feedback via emails and social media from attendees who said they had a great time and feel better equipped to go back to their church and community in order to make a difference. It’s always encouraging, despite the exhaustion, and this year was particularly great because several of my friends pitched in to volunteer. So it was nice to see the familiar and encouraging faces–kept me going when I started slowing down.

We’ll have a lot more pics in the upcoming weeks on the Orange Leaders Facebook page from the professional photographers, but here are just a few I took with my phone.

Ok, time to get a little sleep and then begin working on OC13!